26 Reasons You Should DEFINITELY Be A Runner

1. Nature beats fluorescent lights. Every time.

2. It’s the BEST cardio workout.

Running burns an average of 705-865 calories in an hour, more than most other cardio workouts.

3. Attractive people run, ERGO, lots of eye candy. Just sayin’.

4. You get to collect these.

6. Running is so versatile that you can do it anywhere; all you need is a good pair of shoes.


7. Running produces more beta-endorphins – nature’s painkillers – than any other activity.


8. It’s a great excuse to listen to your guilty-pleasure pop music.

9. Running doesn’t ACTUALLY wreck your knees.


Experts agree. But you know what can? Being sedentary.

10. You can apply running skills to everyday life!

11. We’re in good company: Most of the presidents have been active joggers.

12. Setting goals (even as small as a 5K!) gives you an unbeatable sense of accomplishment.


13. You can jog with someone if you’re feeling social… or go solo if you’re not.


14. Either way, your running buddy’s always got your back.

15. We’re less depressed – running helps lessen the effects of anxiety and depression.

16. Plus, fuel belts make you feel badass.

17. You never feel guilty about ordering dessert.

I mean, no one should. But you ESPECIALLY don’t, because you know you’ll work it off the next day.

18. We don’t waste money on gym memberships – running outside is free!

19. More running pants = more pants you can also wear to the grocery store on Sundays.

20. Running is really good for your skin.

(It’s true!)

21. Nothing beats the thrill of conquering a really tough course.

22. Running/jogging/walking can also be a really great way to give back.

23. You’ll know what these are for.

24. Running is good for your brain.

It sparks the growth of fresh nerve cells, can help forestall dementia, and boosts memory.

25. There’s always THIS reason to run.

26. And don’t worry, even if you start out like this…

…you know that someday you could be like this!

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/26-reasons-you-should-definitely-be-a-runner

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