28 Animals Who Have Made A Huge Mistake

2. This chubby hamster that finally realized he might be too old for the playground:

3. These cats that got caught hooking up:

4. And these turtles, too:

5. This pigeon who’s been hanging out with the wrong crowd:

Though kudos to you, pigeon, for not giving into peer pressure.

6. This deer that is spoiling his appetite with ice cream:

7. This giraffe that doesn’t know that you should never kiss like that on a first date:

8. This cat who should have auditioned for the part of George on “Seinfeld”:

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, cat. Should have given it a try.

9. This bird that still dresses like it’s 1987:

Come on, bird. Get with the times.

10. This duck with an afro that totally forgot to defrizz her hair this morning:

11. This boat full of pugs that are throwing caution to the wind and not wearing life jackets:

12. This turtle who just totally underestimated the distance he had to jump:

13. And this gorilla who thinks that a little glass is going to stop this child from getting her revenge:

You are so wrong, gorilla. So wrong.

14. This totally misunderstood goose who got into one fight and now has to deal with the consequences:

15. This horse that totally isn’t sticking to her diet plan:

Newsflash, horse! Diet Coke doesn’t make the meal healthy!

16. This raccoon stuck way up on top of a pole:

17. This dog that was woefully underprepared for the severe weather:

18. This goose who clearly had way too much to drink:

19. Same with this armadillo who doesn’t even remember how he got here:

20. And this orangutan who also partied way too hard:

21. This sea lion that had a little too much bath salts:

22. This teenage bearded dragon with go-go boots:

That’s no out-fit for someone your age, gecko! Don’t you watch Mad Men?

23. This dog celebrating her birthday who’s mom just had her fourth glass of wine:

Never celebrate your 21st with you Mom, dog. Never.

25. This goat that was forced to go see his friend’s bad metal band:

Hey, goat, at least now your friend owes you one.

26. This horse who was only exploring:

And also this horse that just wanted to see what “being a tree was all about:”

27. This vegan cat that clearly picked the wrong restaurant:

28. And this cat that thought he was a glass of milk for a few minutes:


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