Kylie Jenner Couldn’t Keep Her Pants On While Baking Lasagna

I dont know where you live, but right now in the northeast of the United States, its cold AF.

It feels like we went straight from summer to winter not that anyone should be surprised and it really, really sucks.

However, there are quite a few things I actually like about the cold weather. Sure, hitting a rooftop bar and drinking outdoors isnt in the cards, but rocking flannels, curling up by the fire and drinking stouts most definitely is.

Another thing I love about fall and winter, aside from football, is the fact we can finally stop pretending like were actually dieting. The cold weather means all the foods we avoided eating during the summer are back in play.

Im talking about hearty roasts, grilled cheese and soup, casseroles of any sort and wait for it lasagna!

If a piping hot plate of lasagna doesnt scream cold weather to you, well, we just cant be friends. You know who agrees with me? Kylie Jenner.

You know how I know this? Well, thanks to the Instagram account kylizzlesnapchats, it appears Kylie Jenner spent Thursday night at home making lasagna.

Thats my girl.

I mean, just look at that lasagna baking in the oven. Kylie Jenner knows you have to use the middle rack, too, so you heat the dish all the way through without burning it.

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