Community Post: 14 Contradictions That Only Sisters Will Understand

1. Borrowing her clothes/shoes/bag without asking.

Don’t worry, I’ll bring it back in the same condition it was in!

VS. Getting angry when something goes missing from your own closet.

That B*tch, I was planning on wearing it tonight.

2. Being brutally honest about how she looks.

Warner Bros. / Via

If your ex is gonna be there, you should really reconsider that outfit.

VS. Defending her if someone else passes her an insult.

Universal Pictures / Via

HEY, she’s just been through a horrible break up, GIVE HER SOME SLACK PEOPLE!!!

3. Getting easily annoyed by her quirky mannerisms.

Must you do that before leaving the house?

VS. Missing her when she’s gone.

It’s not the same without her.

4. Covering for each other whenever one is sneaking out.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Yeah mom, she went to bed early coz she has a morning practice tomorrow.

VS. Throwing her under the bus when you get caught.

It was her idea.

5. Hating it when your mom dressed both of you with matching outfits.

Paramount Network Television / Via

Deja vu.

VS. Copying each other’s sense of style anyway

Paramount Network Television / Via

Great minds think alike.

6. Telling her she’s gaining a bit of weight.

SNL Studios / Via

Shouldn’t have eaten that last pizza buddy.

VS. Insisting on Chinese take out for dinner.

Warner Bros. / Via

C’mon, I’ll work out with you tomorrow…promise!

7. Telling yourself that you don’t need her help.

I’m a beautiful, strong, and independent woman.

VS. Calling her for advice 5 minutes later.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Every hero needs a sidekick.

8. Being jealous that mom or dad loves her more than they love you.

20th Century Fox / Via

But I’m trying so hard for you to be proud of me…

VS. Realizing how annoying it is to be smothered with attention.

Universal Pictures / Via


9. Letting her know that you don’t approve of her current boyfriend.

I just don’t like him.

VS. Secretly envying the love they have for each other.

StudioCanal / Via

BRB gonna watch The Notebook again.

10. Resenting your parents for comparing you guys with each other all the time.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

We. Are. Not. The. Same.

VS. The classic “Then how come she was allowed?†argument.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

Equal opportunity made America prosper.

11. Forcing her to do you favors despite the inconvenience.

Universal Pictures / Via

You owe me.

VS. Warning her that she shouldn’t let other people step all over her.

20th Century Fox / Via

God, she’s such a wallflower.

12. Making fun of how your parents have aged.

Comedy Central / Via

We’ll never turn out like those old farts.

VS. Regretting the comment as you guys have begun to resemble them.

Bravo / Via

Appreciating the beauty advice your mom forcefully made you guys listen to when you were younger.

13. Tease her about how vain she is.

Some people are just so full of themselves.

VS. Posing with her for a selfie afterwards.

E! / Via

Move, my right side is my angle.

14. Hate how you’ve had to share everything together.

Disney / Via

Hand-me-downs are not chic.

VS. Love reminiscing all the memories you’ve had together.

Love ya bitch!

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