What Your Favorite Starbucks Drink Says About You

“I’ll have a grande mocha extra shot double whip half-decaf Frappuccino, please.” *SIGH*

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starbucks.com Gerstein

  1. 1. Pick your favorite Starbucks beverage:
    1. starbucks.com ✓ Mocha Frappuccino® Light
    2. starbucks.com ✓ Iced Coffee
    3. starbucks.com ✓ Latte
    1. ✓ Espresso con Panna
    2. ✓ Pumpkin Spice Latte
    3. starbucks.com ✓ Java Chip Frappuccino®
    1. starbucks.com ✓ Sweetened Ice Tea
    2. starbucks.com ✓ Caramel Macchiato
    3. starbucks.com ✓ Decaf Coffee
    1. starbucks.com ✓ Oprah Chai
    2. ✓ Strawberry Smoothie
    3. starbucks.com ✓ Hot Chocolate
    1. starbucks.com ✓ Hot Coffee
    2. starbucks.com ✓ Mocha

What Your Favorite Starbucks Drink Says About You

  1. You got: You’re indulgent.

    You have an indulgence problem, which you’ve dealt with by developing a unique web of moral guidelines for yourself and others. You probably also order Diet Cokes with your extra-stuffed burritos, right? YOU ARE TRYING.


  2. You got: You’re cool.

    Damn, you are seriously cool. You get straight to the point, and the point is caffeine. Who needs milk? You don’t.


  3. You got: You’re reliable.

    You never let anybody down. You take the good with the bad, and persevere through it all. You may be a bit predictable, but you’re also the first person on, like, a dozen people’s emergency contact lists.


  4. You got: You’re whimsical.

    What? WHO ARE YOU? What even is this drink? Do you even exist? You’re a unicorn that’s drinking from a glitter fountain. You are special.


  5. You got: You know how to live!

    You have no fucks to give. You hate coffee and love ice cream sundaes. Preach.


  6. You got: You’re a coffee hater.

    You’re not too sure about this whole “coffee” thing, are you? You are a straight up pumpkin head and are crazy for spices. You also love other fall things like wearing sweaters, Nicolas Sparks movies, and thinking about apple-picking but actually staying home and watching movies with your girlfriends instead.


  7. You got: You’re a southern gentleman lawyer.



  8. You got: You’re a monster.

    A responsible monster.


  9. You got: You are consistent.

    You’ve been considering bangs for a long time but you’re glad you didn’t take the plunge, because it totally wouldn’t have worked with your face shape. Also, you love starting the day with a little treat now and then, because you deserve it.


  10. You got: You’re in touch with your feelings.

    You bookshelf looks like the self help aisle at Barnes and Noble, but you’ve actually been avoiding your therapist for weeks. You watch a lot of Lifetime Television for Women


  11. You got: You’re chill.

    You have zero worries. Some might say, “just go to Jamba Juice for a friggin’ smoothie you crazy person,” but you’re like, “nah, I’m cool. I’ll drink this mess.” That’s very chill of you.


  12. You got: You’re a child!

    Welcome to the world! How are you liking things? Hot chocolate is delicious, no? Don’t let the cruel vagaries of life get you down.


  13. You got: You’re deep.

    Black hot coffee is a reflection of the richness of your soul. Also, you like basic, no frills stuff, and aren’t afraid to face life’s challenge’s head on – with or without cream and sugar.


  14. You got: You’re fun.

    You’re the life of the party! You love to have a good time, and you know how to really indulge yourself! Good for you! We could all learn a thing or two from your cheeky ways.


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