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How Much Women’s Swimsuits Have Changed In 100 Years, Shown Using Body Paint

Could you imagine if youronly option for the beach was a swimsuitthat fully covered your arms and legs? Apparently, that’s what ladies were rocking circa 1916. This awesome video shows the evolution of the women’s bathing suit as we know it using body paint. This model got 10 different swimsuit

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26 Most Underrated Parts Of Being A Girly Girl

Being girly doesn’t mean you don’t kick butt. View this image ‘ Flickr: shandilee / Via Creative Commons 1. When it comes to costume parties, you go balls to the wall and own that shit. View this image ‘ FOX / Via youtube.com 2. If you decide to skip the gym, you find creative ways

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HOW I LOST OVER 20 POUNDS, FAST! |Fitness,Diet,Tips| Karissa Nichole

–BUMP UP THE QUALITY & WATCH ME IN HD! Open Me!!!!! 🙂 THE LONG AWAITED FITNESS/DIET/HOW I LOST OVER 20 POUND VIDEO IS FINALLY HERE! I’ve gotten soooo many requests for this and I’ve finally put it all together for you guys! Listed down below is everything I mentioned in the video! 30 DAY AB

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