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5 Fruits You Should Be Eating This Spring & Summer To Help Boost Your Mood

Sometimes shaking off winter often means shaking off the winter blues. If youve ever battled depression, then you know how hardit can be to do simple, daily tasks. Just getting out of bed in the morning can seem impossible, and moving through your work or school day can be excruciating. You lose

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These Neon Pink Mystery Bowls Will Make You Want To Ditch Your Acai

Its hard to find a snack thats both healthyand insanely Instagram-able. Lets face it: Theres no way in hell a shitty kale salad can compare to the deliciousness of a glorious burger oozing with mac and cheese or a mesmerizing milkshake smothered in every treat known to mankind. Unfortunately,

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Full VEGAN Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Here it is, a Full Vegan Meal Plan for you to lose weight effectively or even to maintain your weight! You can try it even if you are not a vegan. =) As Vegans / Vegetarians, it is important to have enough protein in your meals, hence all the ingredients I chose are high in protein. As always,

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5 reasons why vegetarians can feel great about their meat-free lives

As a vegetarian, I’m told it’s my duty to tell you that Oct. 1 is World Vegetarian Day! Salutations! Hello, dear reader! Like billions of others on this pale blue dot of ours, I once ate meat. Lots and lots of meat. My kingdom for a boneless chicken wing. *sigh* Photo by Parker Molloy/Upworthy.

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