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8 False Promises Every Betch Makes

People can be really fucking annoying. Being forced to tolerate them causes us to find ourselves in situations where false promises need to be made. False promises are basically just ways we get out of doing shit, but not looking like complete assholes. While we always tell it like it is,

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The 35 Fittest People in Tech

Years ago, few people conflated technical prowess with physical fitness. The archetypical techie of the early 90s, for instance, was Dennis Nedry, the portly computer programmer in Jurassic Park played by Wayne Knight, a.k.a. Seinfeld’s Newman. In real life, tech titans like Bill Gates and Steve

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Download Ibotta to unlock rebates and get cash back!: Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up! Can we get 4,000 likes? MY WORKOUT ROUTINE 2016! How to be Fit for the New Year!: Hey! I told you I’d be uploading more often 😉 Hope you guys enjoyed this ‘HOW TO GET HEALTHY WITH ME/ MY DIET

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HOW I LOST OVER 20 POUNDS, FAST! |Fitness,Diet,Tips| Karissa Nichole

–BUMP UP THE QUALITY & WATCH ME IN HD! Open Me!!!!! 🙂 THE LONG AWAITED FITNESS/DIET/HOW I LOST OVER 20 POUND VIDEO IS FINALLY HERE! I’ve gotten soooo many requests for this and I’ve finally put it all together for you guys! Listed down below is everything I mentioned in the video! 30 DAY AB

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The Most Organic Vlog: Christmas Hacks

The Most Organic Vlog: Christmas Hacks. You can never be too early or late to celebrate Christmas, amirite? But either way, you totes have to watch your diet!! So here are some supes cool health tips for you and your BFFs. Peace and love!! Be Sure To Subscribe to Studio C ► Bring on the

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Hai Everyone ….. Ini video Gita yang pertama spesial buat kamu kamu yang butuh tips dan trik seputar ‘DIET SEHAT’ Gita bikin video ini karena banyak banget dari kalian yang kepo tentang diet apa sih yang sebenarnya Gita pakai hingga sekarang? nah jawabannya ada semua di video ini guys !!!

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